Bug Reports and Novels

Writing a good bug report isn’t easy. Apparently.

Which one would you prefer to see?

Option A:

Server Error Logging Into Portal

  • Navigate to {url}
  • Enter Log In credentials {admin/password}
  • Click Submit.

Expected: User is logged into Portal.

Actual: Server Error occurs. Stack attached.

Option B:

A Tale of Mystery and Whimsy Set in the Log In Page

One fine Monday morning I decided that it would probably be both prudent and clever of me to test the log in functionality that we recently installed. You know, it’s funny you should ask why we haven’t tested it until now, but I suppose the answer lies (or is it lays? I could never get the hang of that) in the fact that no one ever actually uses the damn portal in the first place! Oh silly us. Anyway, I made some coffee and opened a browser while snapping a trisquit in half for consumption purposes. Feeling the coffee is a bit underpowered, I decided to add some sugar. On my way to the kitchen, where the sugar was, I ran into Sally from accounting. I’ve always had a soft spot for dalmatians, and since she has a couple, I greatly enjoyed her showing me photos of the most recent litter. They are so adorbz! Omg! After getting some sugar, I settled back into my desk and played some 2048 while chatting on Facebook. Isn’t life grand?

Oh yeah, and then I tried logging into the portal and it didn’t work.


On a far brighter note, I installed an additional workstation on my desk, entirely dedicated to playing relaxing nature videos for days just like this.


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